Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I've seen miu miu pop up collar inspired DIY in fashion blogs everywhere since months ago (And yes, the trend itself might be about two years old by now). I've been intended to make one myself, but can never really done it between all those piles of crazy university tasks. But this afternoon, as i was browsing through some DIY ideas, i have this really strange urge to make one right away. So then i grab an old  shirt, cut its collar, find anything i can use and started doing this.

I didn't even know where the idea came out but i decided to draw paws. After that i glued some leftover beads just to give it a little sparkle. And voila! after just about 10 minutes, this is how it turns out

(Not going to apologize for the bad quality pictures because the only digi-cam i've got isn't very good at taking indoor photos without natural lighting, and it is not MY fault that i can't afford a DSLR!!!!... yet... What am i getting so emotional for? :')

Well it isn't perfect. As you can see the edges of the paws smudges (It was drawn with a regular permanent marker as it is the only thing i could find). But i can say... me gusta (that supposed to be funny... kind of, but i know it's not. umm... 9gag, anyone?)

Surprisingly, i haven't done with this yet. I've seen DIY chain bow necklace a while back a go in a pair & a spare blog  and happens to came across it once again this afternoon. I remember that i still have some leftover chains so  then i make this

(Way to go for a real DSLR :')

Maybe i'll do more serious DIY projects for next time. But for now, my DIY desires has been satisfied


Mary M. says:
at: 29 June 2013 at 04:36 said...

Oh my, first of all let me say how much I love Miu Miu and that I've always sighed when I thought of those collars!!! Secondly, what imperfections are you talking about? It's a sublime DIY project, I would wear it in a heartbeat, you are extremely talented!

Have an amazing weekend,
Mary x

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