This is What Happens When I'm Trying to Cook

This post combines two things i'm amateur at : Photography and Cooking

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Fettuccine Carbonara

Beef Stuffed Steamed Tofu

Chicken Steak With Oriental Sauce

Just a regular fried chicken i decided to garnish

Banana and Cinnamon Toast

If you drool over those, i succeed :D
If not, well... i'll just keep trying

Have a delicious day!

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Monday, 11 June 2012



I personally never thought myself as a print person. I've always into preppier outfit with plain and solid stuff. The only print i wear are mostly dots, and/or stripes. But how can i not fall in love when prints these days are THIS pretty

(mirror prints! just how beautiful is that!!! from Gary Pepper Vintage)

(Just how brilliant is this print! From Late Afternoon)

(Isn't the color amazing? From Fashion Agony)
(Tropical prints with flowers and palm trees are the most challenging, yet astonishing .From style copycat)

Sure festive prints are tricky. It takes courage and fashion guru level of styling ability. But once you pull it of succesfully, you're going to be unbeatable!

Have a great day :*

Saturday, 9 June 2012

DIY Inspirations : Cap Toe Shoes

DIY Inspirations : Cap Toe Shoes

The three months semester break has began! Well, not the whole three months actually, because i'm going to need to go back to campus every once in a while. But i'm going to have plenty of time to spend, which means... it's time to get those DIY plans real!

One of my most targeted projects are cap toe shoes. This DIY seems very easy even for a DIY rookie like me, yet it can really update the look of some old plain shoes. It also seems to suit my budget and of course, the result is wearable. (And by wearable, i mean, it's appropriate to wear on campus)

As for the inspirations & tutorials, here are some complete -very easy to follow- step by step made by some awesome fashion bloggers:

1. Neon

tutorial on a pair and a spare

(pictures originally from a pair and a spare)

(pictures originally from green wedding shoes)

2. Metallic

tutorial on simple and handmade

(pictures originally from simple and handmade)

i hope i can start the project real soon and post about it later.

have a great day :)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012



I went to Taman Bunga Nusantara with my family last week and took some pictures including these of the cute marigolds

(Oh, look! there's a bee *and my shoes*)

Marigolds and my turquoise rose ring

And then i went through some photos in my computer and realized that just few weeks ago, i made a flower pom pom necklace out of the leftover fabrics which looks like this.

Just like the marigolds!
A picture of a marigolds taken by my brother, featuring... me :p
Have a nice day :)

I've seen miu miu pop up collar inspired DIY in fashion blogs everywhere since months ago (And yes, the trend itself might be about two years old by now). I've been intended to make one myself, but can never really done it between all those piles of crazy university tasks. But this afternoon, as i was browsing through some DIY ideas, i have this really strange urge to make one right away. So then i grab an old  shirt, cut its collar, find anything i can use and started doing this.

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